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This holiday season, inspire Marin City middle school students by helping Growth Circles earn a $16,000 matching grant to support education through travel! A small group of generous donors led by Annikka Berridge and Gale and Jon Love are offering this match to double your donations through the end of 2017.

Your donation will make it possible for a student from Bayside MLK School in Marin City to spend spring break in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, where they will learn about history, government and how they can change the world. They will visit Congress and the White House, Independence Hall, college campuses including Howard University, and museums and memorials including the African American Civil War Museum and National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Growth Circles was formed to inspire Bayside MLK’s students to think bigger and achieve more, encouraging students to move out of their comfort zones into life-expanding “growth circles.” 

Will you help our kids grow?

$2,000 sponsors one student's trip to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia

$500 buys one student's plane ticket

$200 funds spring break meals for one student

$100 covers airport transfers and ground transportation for one student

$16,044 RAISED

$16,000 GOAL

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